10 nightmarish ways to end up phoneless

Read about 10 nightmarish ways that users have ended up phoneless, courtesy of Protect Your Bubble claims.

Earlier this year, we published an infographic by Protect Your Bubble that broke down smartphone incidents by gender and age group. Now, in the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, we thought we'd take a look at some of the uncommon but true horror stories of smartphone damage, loss, or theft from real Protect Your Bubble claims. Here are 10 of the most nightmarish ways that users have ended up phoneless.

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1. Rain drain demise

An iPhone 5 met its match when it was dropped outside and quickly slipped down a rain drain in the street.

Rain drain

 2. Stranger danger

It's not uncommon to ask a passerby to take a photo of you with your sweetie or friends. However, unsuspecting people beware, because an iPhone 4 went missing when a stranger ran away with the device!

Stranger danger

3. Baby slobber

In an ideal world, parents have teething rings and pacifiers at the ready. However, that's not always the case. All it takes is a few seconds of distraction before damage is done. Let's face it... sometimes, spit happens. 

Baby slobber

4. White water rafting

An adventurous Samsung Galaxy S III met its match with the rocks of some white water rapids and is now waterlogged and drowned at the bottom of a river.

White water rafting

5. Attack dog

Maybe Fido mistook a Samsung Galaxy S4 as a chew toy? Or maybe the owner was paying more attention to the phone than his or her furry friend? Whatever the reason, the dog came away victorious in this battle of animal vs. technology.

Dog with phone

6. The multi-tasker

One Focus Flash phone owner, whose hands were full, bit the phone to hold it by mouth and accidentally cracked the screen in the process.

Beware of teeth

7. Party animal

What happens in Vegas sometimes stays there. One iPhone 5 was tossed in the pool at a pool party with its owner.

Pool party plunge

8. Silent death

The most important rule in a library is to be quiet, but the silent function wasn’t helpful when a bookworm couldn't locate the phone he had set down in the stacks.

Silent death

9. Butter fingers

Just taking a photo of the view, one Samsung Galaxy Note II was dropped off a 7th floor balcony. Watch out beloooooooooooooooow!

Butter fingers

10. Forget-me-not

Finally, one Samsung Galaxy S III was left on top of a car while the owner put her baby in a car seat, and she forgot the phone was there. When she backed out of her driveway, the phone got smashed. At least the baby was safe!

What nightmarish or unusual way have you lost your smartphone? Share your horror stories in the discussion thread below.