Apps of the month (December 2011): CamCard, Splashtop Remote Desktop, and more

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features four useful mobile applications: CamCard, Splashtop Remote Desktop, Tie & Mirror, and Norton Snap QR Code Reader.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Vendor: Splashtop Inc. Cost: iOS - $1.99 (iPhone) and $4.99 (iPad); Android - $4.99 (holiday sale price) and $9.99 (HD for tablets)

There are a bunch of RDP-based terminal tools out there for iOS and Android. Splashtop, however, takes it a bit further by adding support for remotely controlling Macs as well as PCs. Now, from your pocket (or your bag, if you have a tablet), you can control just about any computer in your home and office, regardless of the operating system.

Splashtop works like this: You install the "Splashtop Streamer" software onto the machine you'd like to make accessible to the viewer. Streamer is the proprietary connectivity method used by this app. The tool integrates with your Gmail account so that you can reach machines over the Internet. I've tested this functionality on my MacBook Air and it works flawlessly. The entire setup took five minutes, and I was able to easily controlling my Mac from my iPhone with no problems.

The company claims that you can play Flash video, music, video and even games using the tool. I have not tested the multimedia capabilities but plan to do so for a more full-featured review in the future.

In the figures below, see the iOS and Android versions of the Splashtop Remote Desktop app respectively. Figure D

Splashtop for iOS
Figure E

Splashtop for Android. Want to play WoW on your tablet?  Go for it!
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By Scott Lowe

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