Apps of the month (December 2011): CamCard, Splashtop Remote Desktop, and more

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features four useful mobile applications: CamCard, Splashtop Remote Desktop, Tie & Mirror, and Norton Snap QR Code Reader.

Tie & Mirror

Vendor: jp.Martin Cost: $0.99 in the Apple App Store

I stumbled across this app and thought it was kind of cool. There are a bunch of different ways to tie a tie, and this app will show you 10 of them. Less than $1.00 is pretty cheap, even if you get it out of sheer curiosity.

In Figure F, you can see the 10 different tie "formats" that are included in the app. Figure F

There are a number of featured styles
Tie & Mirror walks you through the process of achieving each format, as shown in Figure G. If your phone has a front-facing camera, you can use it in "mirror mode" to more easily match your actions with what's being shown in the diagrams. Figure G

Follow the instruction to achieving your desired knot
Read about Norton Snap QR Code Reader.

By Scott Lowe

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