Apps of the month (March 2012): Apple Store, Speedtest, Tweetbot, and more

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features the following mobile applications: Apple Store, Alarm Clock HD,, Tweetbot, and

This past month, I've used my iPhone more than ever before, a fact supported by the sheer volume of data overage that I got on my bill <shudder>. Here are five apps this month that I found particularly useful.

Apple Store

Vendor: Apple Cost: Free in the Apple App Store I wouldn't normally include an app like this in a roundup. However, a couple of weeks ago, I had my first opportunity to give it a whirl in an Apple store. I was traveling and stopped to see my sister who needed a VGA adapter so that she could connect a second monitor to her new iMac. Being a decent brother, we jumped in my car and drove to the nearest Apple store. I walked up to one of the displays, found the VGA adapter, scanned it with the Apple Store app, paid for it with my iTunes connected credit card, and left the store -- all without having to talk to a single sales person. In Figure A, you can see a somewhat redacted copy of my receipt, and in Figure B, you can see a stock photo showing a sample shopping cart in the app. Figure A

A receipt from the Apple Store app.
Figure B

An Apple Store shopping cart.

It's already well-known news that Apple enabled this capability in their stores with the app, but to actually do it reinforced the great consumer experience that Apple stores are known for. I'd love to see other retailers pick up this model. Obviously, there are challenges to be had, but such services could enable retailers to focus on customers that really need help rather than those that know what they want.

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