Apps of the month (March 2012): Apple Store, Speedtest, Tweetbot, and more

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features the following mobile applications: Apple Store, Alarm Clock HD,, Tweetbot, and

Alarm Clock HD

Vendor: Alarm Clock Company Cost: Free in the Apple App Store

Yes, there are a million alarm clock apps out there, but I've found one that I really like. When I travel, I hate messing around with the clocks in hotels, and I've never been a fan of their wake up calls. I tend to be a "push the snooze button a few times" kind of sleeper, and hotels don't typically provide recurring wake up calls.

So, I turned to my constant companion -- my iPhone -- for a solution and discovered Alarm Clock HD. Alarm Clock HD provides, well, a clock with alarms. The digits are bright and easily readable in the middle of the night, even with my horrendous vision (see Figure C). Figure C

A nice bright clock!
For those early mornings, the app also provides a quick snapshot of the day's weather and some news headlines. If I choose to use it for its alarming goodness, I can create a single alarm in the free version; multiple alarms can be created in the full version (see Figure D). Figure D

An alarm for the nice bright clock.
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