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Apps of the month (November 2011): Master project management

Scott Lowe highlights three useful apps: Project Management Training, iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam - 220 Questions, and PMP.

iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam - 220 Questions

Vendor: Panacea Solutions Limited Cost: $19.99 in the Apple App Store

If PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is more your style, iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam - 220 Questions expands and tests your knowledge of the elements necessary to pass the foundations exam. Available in four operating modes — Normal, Exam, Stress Test, and Knowledge Area — the app accommodates different learning styles in order to maximize your knowledge of the subject and likelihood of success. As the name implies, there are 220 questions included in the app.

Figure D

The app asks the questions and reveals the answers upon demand.
Figure E

Test your knowledge and get immediate feedback.

The company also offers the iStudy PMP ® Exam - 335 Questions app for $19.99.

Read about the PMP app.

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