Apps of the month (October 2011): Chat, shop, and remotely administer

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features three useful mobile applications: Comm100 Live Chat. Apple Store, and Jump Desktop.

Apple Store app

Normally, a shopping app wouldn't be all that interesting. However, from the reports I've read, it looks like Apple is going to do something that many retailers would consider insane. Simply put, a new version of the Apple Store app is in the works (and will be out by the time you read this). The new app is just one outward-facing manifestation of a major overhaul that Apple is doing.

Here are the highlights:

  • If you order an item that is in stock at an Apple Store, you will be able to pick it up within 12 minutes of placing your order. Further, you do not have to stand in line. You'll be able to go in, sign for your package, and go.
  • If the item is not in stock, it will be shipped to an Apple Store, and you will receive a notification on your Apple device when the purchase is ready for pick up.
  • Perhaps the biggest impact comes from the app's new self checkout capability. Apparently, users will be able to walk into an Apple Store, scan items with their iPhone, and leave. The scanned items will be charged to the credit card associated with the device. That's pretty incredible.
Figure C gives you a look at the current version of the Apple Store app, which provides you with some information about the customer experience you can expect at whatever Apple Store you happen to be visiting. Figure C

The Apple Store app.
Read about the Jump Desktop app.

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