Apps of the month (October 2011): Chat, shop, and remotely administer

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features three useful mobile applications: Comm100 Live Chat. Apple Store, and Jump Desktop.

Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC)

Although PCs are still king of the hill in business, Macs are making inroads, and many support pros and users alike find themselves needing remote desktop access to machines running on both platforms. VNC is an obvious choice for remote connectivity on Macs and PCs, but others still prefer to use RDP, since Windows is pretty much RDP-infused throughout its DNA.

Regardless of which direction you go, the Jump Desktop app — available for both Android ($.99 USD) and iOS ($14.99 USD) devices — allows remote desktop connections to both RDP- and VNC-bearing machines.

Jump Desktop has built-in SSH functionality so that you can secure communications between the client and the remote desktop. For RDP sessions, Jump Desktop even includes audio redirection so that you can hear what's being played through the host's audio device.

If you're looking for a mobile remote access client, Jump Desktop has stellar reviews. A lot of people will balk at the $14.99 price tag for iOS devices, but if you're looking for a tool for business, it may not be a big price to pay.

Figure D

A landscape view of a Mac desktop.
Figure E

Here's a Word document with a right-click taking place.
Figure F

Need a number pad?  Jump Desktop has you covered.

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