How to get around version differences in ActiveSync

Jeff Dray found two drivers that helps him address what he sees as one of the major drawbacks of Windows Mobile and ActiveSync.

ActiveSync is the PC synchronisation package that comes bundled with Windows Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices. ActiveSync's main feature is automatic synchronisation of Outlook contacts, messages, and tasks; it is also the method used to "translate" files from desktop to portable formats.

At any given time, I find myself working with at least two versions of Windows Mobile, and the downside of ActiveSync is that it is strictly version specific. Thus, I was forced to research a strategy for connecting different versions of Windows Mobile devices to the same computer without constantly uninstalling and reinstalling the program. A colleague pointed me in the direction of a package called Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys.

Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys contains various features, including an app called Remote Display, which is a great way of bringing the display of your Windows Mobile phone to a PC screen and then to a projector so you can demonstrate the technology to a class of trainees. It also contains a driver that will allow all kinds of versions of Windows Mobile to connect through the same copy of ActiveSync. With this add-on loaded, you will be able to keep track of various smartphones and, in my case, a rather grumpy Windows Mobile-based sat-nav unit that needs regular updates to keep it running.

Another driver that you can try is one from Toshiba, which covers a huge range of devices and may be the answer to your connectivity issue. The file name is ppc_usb10.exe. It is a small download, and the executable file should be run once ActiveSync is installed but without the device connected. The Toshiba driver can come in handy for connecting devices, especially if the other app fails.

I hope these drivers help you address what I see as one of the major drawbacks of Windows Mobile and ActiveSync.

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