How to record calls on iOS

Find out how to record phone calls on your iPhone with Call Recorder.

Call Recorder

Whenever you need to make an important phone call for business or personal reasons, such as discussing the terms of a business proposal or a conversation of legal significance, having a recording handy is a sure way to keep the details straight after a call has taken place. Some folks opt for a more old school method of placing the phone on speaker and using a tape recorder or a computer. Fortunately, a sleeker and more integrated method exists for smartphone users. I'll show you how this is done using Call Recorder - IntCall for iOS. [Warning: Make sure that you get consent from the person on the other end of the phone before you record the call to avoid violating any federal or state wiretapping laws.]

  1. Download the Call Recorder app for your iPhone, launch the application, and accept the terms and conditions (Note: Call Recorder is also available for Android).
    Figure A
    Accept the Terms and Conditions.

    Accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Enter the phone number associated with your iPhone.
    Figure B
    Enter your phone number.

    Enter your phone number.
  3. Now, with the app open, you're almost ready to begin recording your first call. Press the Account button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. At this screen, you can add credit for minutes. Three minutes for U.S. calling are provided for testing purposes.
    Figure C
    You can add credit for minutes.

    You can purchase additional credits for minutes.
  4. Return to the main Dialer screen and either press the book button to bring up contacts or type in the number you desire to record.
    Figure D
    Press the book icon to bring up contacts.

    You can press the book icon to bring up contacts.
  5. Once you're at the call screen, simply carry on your conversation as you normally would, as the call is being recorded in the background.
    Figure E
    Making a test call.

    Recording a call with Call Recorder.
  6. After you're finished, you can access your recordings via the Recordings screen, which can be accessed through the menu bar. Additionally, you can press the Edit button, select recordings, and then either email or sync them via iTunes for safekeeping.
    Figure F
    You can sync your recordings with iTunes.

    You can sync your recordings via iTunes.  

As a quick note, this app only works for outbound phone calls and doesn't intercept incoming ones. Although the app is free by itself, you do need to fill your recording minutes balance periodically in order to continue using the app.

If you have a good suggestion(s) for call recording applications, either for iOS or Android-based smartphones, please share your opinion in the comments below.