How to side-load apps on your Android device

Donovan Colbert offers a how-to guide for backing up an application from one Android device and side-loading it onto another.

How to back up an Android application to an .apk file on your source Android device

To back up applications from one Android device and side-load them to another, begin by opening the Android Market and downloading "Astro File Manager."

Once you've downloaded Astro File Manager, open the application.

In Astro, press the Menu button on your Android device and select Tools.

In the Tools menu, select "Application Manager/Backup."

Astro will load the list of your installed packages. Check the file(s) you want to back up to side-load to another Android device. Select the "Backup" button. A status bar will display the progress of the backup.

Once the backup is complete, select the "Backed Up Apps" tab to confirm that the files you selected were backed up.

Copy the .apk file from your source Android device to your target Android device.

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