How to side-load apps on your Android device

Donovan Colbert offers a how-to guide for backing up an application from one Android device and side-loading it onto another.

How to copy the .apk file from your source Android device to your target Android device

The backed up files will be stored on your microSD card. The path to this varies by device. On my Droid, the files are stored in mnt/sdcard/backups/apps.

I send my files from my source to my target Android device using Dropbox. I long-press on the file I want to transfer, then click "Send" in the dialog box that appears. (You may use other methods for transferring files, including removing the MicroSD card from the source and inserting it in the target device, or copying the files via USB to a PC. These instructions assume you are using the Dropbox method from here on out.)

In the next dialog window, I select "Dropbox."

A window displays that allows me to select the Dropbox directory where I want to place the file. Here I have selected my "Public" folder.

Copy and install the .apk file on the target Android device.

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