Infographic: Americans would give up sex before smartphones

Recent poll results show that Americans are more willing to give up sex than their smartphones, but caffeine is even more important than that. Take our poll to see if we get similar results.

Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. recently interviewed 1,000 registered voters nationwide. The respondents, who were broken down by age, gender, and political identification, were asked what they would be least willing to give up for a week, if given a choice between sex, smartphone/tablet, alcohol, or caffeine.

The following infographic, created by Sachs Media Group, shows the poll results. Overall, it appears that caffeine is the most important thing, particularly for people ages 50+.

Are you more addicted to your smartphone than caffeine? We thought we'd ask the TechRepublic community the same poll question to see if we get similar results.

Do these poll results ring true for you? Tell us why or why not in the discussion thread below.