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Infographic: Little games, big business

This infographic highlights two monolithic game developers and how many of us could be gaming at any given point in time.

This is a guest post by Greg Voakes.

The days of flipping phones with the flick of our thumb to answer an incoming call are, for the most part, behind us. Today we slide, swipe, and tap a touchscreen with ease to enable our streamline of communication — shaving those valuable minutes and allowing us to spend a few more of those minutes stocking our Tiny Towers, or flinging enraged avians at little green pigs.

Mobile gaming is on the rise, and because of its popularity, companies are getting very wealthy. Mobile games and apps, micro-transactions, and in-game ads are a paralipsis of why launching a free game is a crafty way for developers to generate massive revenues.

The infographic below, designed by Riley H., highlights two of these monolithic mobile game developers — Rovio and Zynga — and visualizes how many of us could be gaming at any given point in time.

Little Games Big Business

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