Infographic: The true cost of an iPhone

What are you willing to pay Apple's smartphones? This infographic, developed by Madeline Harris, outlines the true cost of an iPhone.

This is a guest post by Greg Voakes.

Few consumers realize the true cost that their consumer goods and electronics possess outside of the store. It's easy to rationalize the number on a price tag. Can we put a price on the damage caused to the environment and undeveloped nations in order to have access to our apps, text message threads, or mobile navigation systems?

There are a few things you can do as a consumer to minimize the overall costs of your electronics. Perhaps you could stand to skip a generation or two? As a business practice, launching newer phones with minor feature updates forces users to renew contracts, and paying out of pocket for the latest and greatest piece of technology. If you, like many of us, prefer to have the most current releases of our favorite gadgets -- consider your options by reusing and recycling.

The infographic below, developed by Madeline Harris, outlines some of the real costs of the iPhone.

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