Let Super Security Standard protect your Android mobile

Jack Wallen takes a look at the Super Security Standard application. Find out why he believes this is one of the finest security apps for Android platform.

I've gone on record to say that antivirus tools on the Android mobile are mostly pointless. That doesn't mean your mobile is completely impenetrable to malicious software. In fact, because of the lack of vetting in the Google Play store (and the ability to side-load applications), your mobile could, in fact, be vulnerable to malicious software. Between possible malware, risky software, and insecure settings, your Android mobile could easily succumb to various problems.

Fortunately, there's software out there like Super Security Standard. Although the name sounds like it was yanked from the pages of a Manga, the software is a must-have for any Android mobile owner. Why? Simple. Super Security Standard scans your phone and gives you a report of software that could be unsafe, unsafe settings, and if any malware is present.


Here's the full feature list of Super Security Standard:

  • Missing device find back
  • Task manager
  • Anti-malware
  • Software manager
  • Strongbox (hide pictures, videos, and SMS)
  • Community-based antivirus engine
  • Live update
  • Real-time monitor

Let's see how this handy security application is installed and best used.


As you would expect, the installation is simple:

  1. Open up the Google Play store on your mobile
  2. Search for "super security standard" (no quotes)
  3. Tap Download
  4. Tap Accept & download


When you first open Super Security Standard, it will automatically run a scan of your device and output the results (Figure A). Figure A

As you can see, my Verizon-branded Droid X has a few high risks installed.

The risks are separated into the following categories:

  • Malware
  • High
  • Middle
  • Low
  • Settings
Tap on one of the risk levels to reveal the applications (or settings) included in that risk (Figure B). Figure B

Not all applications included will actually be risks.
With the risk expanded, each included application will have its own drop-down. Tap the drop-down to open a new window where you can select what to do with that application (Figure C). Figure C

For many of these apps, you'll want to add them to the trust list and be done with it.

There are five options:

  • View Detail
  • Uninstall
  • Report as Malware
  • Add as trust
  • View trust list

App Manager

Believe it or not, Super Security Standard uninstalls applications faster than going through the regular means. You can also open the Super Security Standard App Manager to get a listing of every application installed on your Android. Simply open Super Security Standard, and from the main screen (Figure D), tap the App Manager icon. Figure D

The Super Security Standard App Manager is more efficient than the built-in app manager.

From the App Manager, you can actually do a batch uninstall by select all the apps you want to remove and then tapping Uninstall. You will have to okay each uninstallation, but you won't have to go through the built-in app manager and hunt down every app you want to remove.


The Super Security Standard Strongbox is a location that allows you to password protect three different folders: One for Pictures, one for Videos, and one for SMS. From the main Strongbox window (Figure E), first tap the Password button and enter (and verify) a password to be used. Once the password is created, it will be required to access the Strongbox app. Figure E

After you successfully set the password, you will prompted to email the password as a security prevention.


There are only a scant few settings to manage for Super Security Standard. You'll find the Settings icon on the main screen. From the Settings window (Figure F), you can enable Real-time monitoring, show on notification bar, and scan results notice. You can also view the Trust Application List (as well as delete apps from this list) and manually update the "virus" database. Figure F

If you enable "Show on notification bar," you can get immediate access to the application by dragging down the bar and tapping on the Super Security Standard entry.

I've worked with a lot of security applications for the Android phone, but Super Security Standard is one of the finest. Once it's installed, you'll be able to easily keep risky applications off of your phone. For the overly paranoid, this is a must-have application for the Android platform.