Review: AndroZip File Manager for Android

Make the most out of the space and files on your Android device with the free AndroZip File Manager. Jack Wallen says it's the best file manager he has tried for the Android platform.

If you have an Android phone, you know that being able to manage that precious data on your memory card will quickly drive a user to downloading a third-party file manager. The problem is figuring out which file manager has the most features and is the easiest to use.

Of all the file managers I have tried for the Android platform, the one that stands heads above the rest is the free AndroZip File Manager, which supports Android 2.0 or better.

Who's it for?

AndroZip File Manager is for any Android user who wants to make the most out of the space and files on the device. Although many users are happy to never bother with the files on that memory card, a large cross section of users want to be able to control what is on that memory card, as well as be able to compress and/or send those files. With AndroZip, you have that type of control.

What problem does it solve?

If you have ever needed to access a file to either remove it, copy it, send it, compress it, etc ., you know that without a third-party tool, that task is next to impossible. With a good file manager, you are able to control what is on that memory card and what you can do with that memory card. With AndroZip, you can share files you have stored and compress files to save space.

Key features

  • Works with Zip, RAR, 7zip, gzip, tar, and bzip2 files
  • Creates zip, tar, and gzip files
  • Manage files and folders with a simple gui
  • Search files
  • Application manager included
  • Short tap and long tap menus
  • Send files
  • Very small footprint
  • Task killer included
  • See more screenshots of AndroZip

What's wrong?

The only problem I have found with AndroZip (and this is really picking at nits) is that the only way to copy, delete, and paste files is via long tap menus. I would think copy/paste/delete would be good candidates for short tap menus; it's a much more intuitive solution, as many users don't even know about the long tap menu.

Bottom line for business

Power users (many of whom are business users) need this kind of control over their phone. This is the type of application that should come standard on the Android platform. It is the best file manager available for the Android platform.

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