Review: Motorola Devour

Jack Wallen was blown away by the Motorola Devour's speed and network agility, but he says the smartphone has one major drawback.

The Motorola Devour (with Motoblur) is one of Verizon's newest entries to the Android-based mobile phones, and it offers one of the fastest Android experiences yet. But is it worthy of being your next mobile phone? Let's find out.


Who is the target market?

The Motorola Devour is for anyone who needs a flexible smartphone that can serve both business and pleasure purposes. It offers all the features of the standard Android phone, with the added bonus of a slide out full keyboard and enough horsepower to keep the Android running at a snappy speed.

What problem does it solve?

Mobile connectivity with one of the fastest 3G networks I have experienced. The test phone I had blew away my Sprint HTC Hero and my AT&T iPhone in terms speed and network agility.

Standout features

  • Fastest Android experience you will encounter to date.
  • Motoblur widget-based interface is incredibly user-friendly. Motoblur was created by Motorola to take all of your social postings, notifications, and messages and neatly integrate them into your home screen. Motoblur allows you to send messages to multiple places at one time and keeps your ever-growing social scene organized.
  • Handset is built solid. You won't have that plasticy feeling you get with the Palm Pre on this slide-out keyboard.

What's wrong?

The Motorola Devour is heavy. By smartphone standards, this phone is a brick. When you pick up this phone, you will know that you are dealing with something more substantial. There is a reason for this extra heft: The Devour is fashioned from a single piece of aluminum in order to keep the finish smooth and the form and fit perfect.

Another potential drawback is that, if you want to get solid Exchange connectivity, you will need to purchase a tool such as Touchdown for Exchange.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

You need to remain connected, no matter where you are. The Motorola Devour can do that for you, so long as you're willing to put up with the weight of the smartphone. The Android OS, matched with Motoblur, and the power of the Motorola Devour will have you happily connected and working on the go.

User rating

Have you used the Motorola Devour? If so, take the poll and let us know what you think of the smartphone.

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