Three apps for the traveling consultant

Scott Lowe highlights three apps that help IT consultants on the go.


Vendor: Cost: - iOS - $9.99; Android - $9.99

Putting together invoices can be time consuming, but it's an essential activity for the self-employed. What if you could put your invoice together while you're still at a client's site and get it submitted right away? Fortunately, you can do that with Invoice2go.

Invoice2go provides a quick way to invoice, estimate, bill, and collect payments. The app includes a bunch of different invoice styles and, when paired with the desktop app, you can customize the invoice templates to meet your needs. Taxes and totals are calculated automatically.

With this app, invoices are created as PDF files, and you can email them from your mobile device.

In Figure C, note that you can create invoices, estimates, and purchase orders. Figure C

Create a new document right from your iPhone
Here's what a blank invoice looks like (see Figure D). Figure D

Add customers and products to your invoice.
And here's an example of a finalized invoice (see Figure E). Figure E

A finalized invoice.
The next two screenshots (Figures F and G) show the Android version of Invoice2go. Figure F

Android device: You can save items into folders.
Figure G

Creating an invoice on an Android device.
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