Use Coaxion to access SharePoint and Dropbox from your iPhone

Coaxion from Moprise enables you to access SharePoint and Dropbox from your iPhone. Will Kelly shows you how.

Having secure access to corporate files on the go is a common requirement these days. It also leads to filling our business and personal iOS devices with all sorts of readers and client apps. Well, Coaxion from Moprise can help you consolidate client apps, plus it adds security and a useful collaboration layer. Sending or sharing documents with Coaxion takes place over SSL encrypted connections, so the documents and conversations are only accessible to the team members you invite.

Once you close the conversation, Coaxion removes the files from the devices and leaves the originals intact on SharePoint and Dropbox. This feature should appeal to security-conscious enterprises that want to use Coaxion to send proprietary business or technical documents to employees in the field. This can be another layer of document security beyond an enterprise-wide mobile device management platform.

Use Coaxion to access Dropbox

Follow these steps to access Dropbox:

  1. Open Coaxion
  2. Tap Dropbox, and the Link Account screen will appear (see Figure A)
  3. Figure A

    The Link Account screen.
  4. Enter your email and password
  5. When you tap Done or Link, you'll see the Dropbox screen
  6. Tap on the file you want to open, and the file will appear on your screen
  7. Click the right arrow at the top right-hand corner of the screen. If it's a Microsoft Office document, you have the option to Open in "Pages" (if Pages is installed on your iPhone). Alternatively, tap Open In... and you'll see a list of applications that you can use to open the file.

Use Coaxion to access SharePoint

Coaxion requires some initial setup prior to accessing a SharePoint or Office 365 team site. Here's how to configure Coaxion to access your SharePoint team site:

  1. Open Coaxion
  2. When you tap Add SharePoint, the Add Site screen will appear (see Figure B)
  3. Figure B

    The SharePoint Add Site screen.
  4. Enter the URL of the SharePoint site that you want to access in the SharePoint site field
  5. Enter your username
  6. Tap Done

If you entered the login credentials for an Office 365 site, the pre-filled SharePoint login for your Office 365 team site will appear. After you tap Sign in, your team site will show up as an option on the Coaxion main page. Then follow these steps:

  1. From the Coaxion main screen, tap the option for your SharePoint team site (see Figure C)
  2. Figure C

    A SharePoint team site appearing in Coaxion.
  3. Tap a folder, and the files in the folder will appear on your iPhone's screen
  4. Select the file you want to open
  5. Tap the right arrow, and you'll be able to open or print the file in one of your iPhone apps that support the format

Conduct meetings with Coaxion

Online conferencing via smartphones may seem like sheer torture (at least to me), but the true value might be in the secure connection while transferring documents. Here's how:

  1. Tap Meetings
  2. When you click Share, the Start Meeting screen will appear (see Figure D)
  3. Figure  D

    The Start Meeting screen ties into your iPhone's address book.
  4. Search for the other Coaxion users in your organization that you want to include in the conference
  5. When you tap the Paperclip in the left bottom-hand corner, the Share Meeting will appear with the following options:
    • SharePoint Attachment
    • Dropbox Attachment
    • Box Attachment
    • Photos Attachment
    • Camera Attachment
  6. After you select an option, it stores the file you want to share (for example, when you tap SharePoint Attachment, the Site List screen enables you to access a file on a SharePoint site)
  7. Select the file you want to share, and the document will appear in the Meetings screen
  8. Type a message in the blank field, and tap Send -- the message displays on the screen, and you can conduct an entire chat/sharing session from your device
  9. Tap the document if you want to open it in another application, like an Office suite or PDF reader

Upgrade to Coaxion Pro or Coaxion Enterprise

I wrote this post based upon the free Coaxion for iPhone, but if you pay $19.99 (USD) for the in-app upgrade to Coaxion Pro, you'll be able to add support to this very capable app and another level of secure file access and sharing. If your mobile workers need to access SharePoint and multiple personal/professional cloud storage services during the course of their travels, then the upgrade to Coaxion Pro is worth a look.

Above Coaxion Pro, there's a planned Enterprise Edition of Coaxion Pro that's due to get support for other corporate cloud applications and storage -- like Salesforce, WebDav, and Windows File Servers. The enhanced enterprise security will include pin codes and secure document wiping.

Secure file access and conferencing with Coaxion

The iPhone is a lifeline for many mobile workers, and Coaxion offers consolidated access to SharePoint and cloud file storage sites. This application can help boost productivity and come through in a clinch when a mobile worker in the field needs secure access to a corporate document that resides on a SharePoint site or in cloud storage. Do you use Coaxion in your organization? Let us know in the discussion thread below.

By Will Kelly

Will Kelly is a freelance technical writer and analyst currently focusing on enterprise mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and the consumerization of IT. He has also written about cloud computing, Big Data, virtualization, project management ap...