Just curious

Over the

past weekend I finally broke down and bought a laser printer to replace the

10-year-old behemoth laser printer I was using before. And, while the old Epson

ActionLaser 1500 still worked, it needed a new toner cartridge which costs

about $149. (Online is the only place you can find it these days.) Coincidently,

or perhaps not coincidently, a new small laser printer was on sale at Best Buy

for $149. So I got the Samsung ML-2010 – it's faster, has more memory and is about

½ the size of the old Epson.


So, what’s the

problem? The Samsung is USB, not parallel like the Epson, which meant I had to

buy a USB cable with the special square connector that printer manufacturers

have standardized on. Fine, but it cost $30. It seems to me that USB cables

were almost free not too long ago – now they have LEDs and gold shielding and

all kinds of other gimmicky accoutrements. Since when are USB cables sexy? Maybe

I'm just showing my age (this is an old man's rant worthy of my father), but

should a cable cost 20% of the thing it is connected to?



do you think? Are USB manufactures getting a 200% markup? 300%? More?