Joining the TiVo revolution

I had been contemplating and researching it for about a year, but I finally made the fateful decision to join the High-Definition, TiVo revolution in television. I purchased a 37 inch LCD this past weekend and I'll be getting the HD receiver setup from my cable company tomorrow. In addition to the HD, my cable company includes a DVR, which is not exactly the same as TiVo, but it is similar for someone who doesn't know any better like me.

I've been told that this is going to change the way I watch television, and it may in fact do that, but I don't really watch much television now. Therefore, the question for me is will I end up watching more television if I can chose when to watch? Or will I just not watch anyway. I keep trying to think of one regularly scheduled program that I wish I could watch but can't. I've heard about Lost and I've rented 24 on DVD, both of which I refuse to watch week-to-week --- the last show I did that with was the X-Files. DVR is supposed to release me from that weekly commitment, but now I find I don't really want to commit even the DVR storage for those shows.

I do like watching sporting events in HD – that I am looking forward to. And I have already come to appreciate the widescreen aspect of the LCD for watching DVD movies. I'm renting the Lord of the Rings Trilogy again to test it out.

The next step is a media PC. As part of the LCD TV installation I removed the old cartridge CD player and the cassette tape player – they were just taking up valuable space. I'll sell them to you if you are interested.

For those of you more experienced in the ways of TiVo and HD, what advice can you give me? What should I do first when it gets installed?