Onward and upward

Now that I have the HD LCD Television and the DVR/Digital/HD server from Insightbb.com, I guess it is time to add a media PC to the mix. As part of this summer's project to upgrade the entertainment center at the Kaelin homestead, I am going to attempt the daunting task of building a media PC from spare parts. Most people travel to exotic locales where sand gets in your teeth, not me, I like to stay home and fiddle with frustrating technology.

I know this will disappoint all of my Linux evangelist friends, but I have decided to go with Windows Media addition. Getting everything wired correctly is going to be headache enough; I don't need the added pressure of trying to figure out Linux at the same time. I'm intimately and infuriatingly familiar with Windows and all its quirks, so I know what to expect more or less.

However, if it all works out, I'm going to have a few audio components to get rid of. Anyone interested in a Pioneer CD-player? It uses a 6 –CD cartridge and is in perfect working order. The cartridge was great two cars ago when I had a cartridge CD player in the trunk. I also have a dual-cassette tape deck from Pioneer. It also works great if you are still using cassette tapes. I'll even throw in four never-been opened blank TDK Gold tapes. Isn't it amazing how music formats have evolved? I still have about 200 vinyl album records. Now the close to 1000 CDs I bought over the years are on their way to obscurity. It's getting hard to keep up.