2010 survey about classic software development mistakes

Construx is looking for participants for the 2010 update to its popular survey about classic software development mistakes.

Last year, I highlighted a 2008 Construx survey that identified 42 classic software development mistakes. These 10 mistakes were reported as most damaging:

  1. Unrealistic expectations
  2. Overly optimistic schedules
  3. Shortchanged quality assurance
  4. Wishful thinking
  5. Confusing estimates with targets
  6. Excessive multi-tasking
  7. Feature creep
  8. Noisy, crowded offices
  9. Abandoning planning under pressure
  10. Insufficient risk management

Since the post generated a great deal of interest from Programming and Development readers, I thought some of you might want to participate in Construx's 2010 survey on the same topic. Here's more information about the survey from the Construx site:

...we are solely interested in your personal experiences with these classic mistakes. If you believe a mistake to be common but you have not personally experienced it in the last three years or last five projects (whichever is shorter), please just answer "don't know" or "not applicable." We expect "don't know / N/A" to be the most common answer on this survey.

Construx says that it typically takes 20 - 40 minutes to complete the survey.

Even if you aren't interested in contributing to the survey, please share your thoughts and experiences about classic software development mistakes in this discussion.