Blogs Oracle developers should bookmark

Check out Rex Baldazo's favorite Oracle-related blogs. He says that sometimes these blogs are much more useful than Oracle's own documentation.

Well, once again, I did not get to attend Oracle OpenWorld. I would like to attend the event at least one time because I'm sure some of those sessions would provide much better documentation than the selection found on the Oracle Technology Network. One of the reasons why I am so jealous of Microsoft developers is because TechNet and MSDN appear to be much better resources than the junk I'm stuck with in the Oracle world.

For all of us Oracle developers who got left at home again, I thought I'd share some of my favorite blogs. These are the ones I read fairly regularly and have found to be useful in learning about Oracle -- they're sometimes much more useful than Oracle's own documentation.

First, of course, is Ask Tom. When it comes to Oracle database internals, Tom Kyte is the man. Luckily, he shares his amazing depth and breadth of knowledge on his Q&A blog. Even if you're mostly a Java/applications developer like me, sooner or later everything in an Oracle environment goes thru a database. It's very useful to try and absorb anything you can about the underlying database technologies.

I'm still trying to learn more about Oracle's Java technologies like Application Development Framework (ADF). One of the blogs I've run across is based in the Netherlands from an outfit called AMIS Technology. I've also been browsing the JDeveloper & Oracle ADF blog. And, getting it straight from the horse's mouth, there's Shay Shmeltzer's blog; he's on Oracle's JDeveloper team, so it's pretty authoritative stuff.

At work, we've been contemplating moving our business intelligence from its current mess of Oracle Reports / Forms / Discoverer into a single solution called Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Once again, Oracle's own docs are not all that useful, but there's a surprisingly large number of independent bloggers who cover this niche.

The one I read the most is Mark Rittman's. I especially like that he has such a long history with Oracle BI tools, so he's able to give you a good sense of how the new tools stack up against the legacy stuff like Discoverer.

One that's not officially Oracle, but it's written by some Oracle folks is the Oracle Business Intelligence Blog. Another good one is Oracle Bizint; I especially appreciated their coverage of integration with Oracle's identity solutions (OID and SSO). I also frequently dip into the Oracle Analytics blog from time to time. Like I said, there are a surprising number of good, meaty blogs covering what I would have thought is a small niche.

I exported these and a few other Oracle-related blogs into an OPML file on my personal Web site. I'm not sure how other RSS readers work, but for Google Reader, you have to first download the OPML file and then go to the Import tab and upload it. It's a bit surprising -- I would have expected there to be a way to read the OPML directly via http, but I couldn't find it. Anyway... Reader will pick up all the subscriptions, including the folders I've used to organize the feeds.