Does it need to be easier to program?

Justin James discusses three viewpoints about whether it should be easier to program. Take this poll to let us know where you stand on this issue.

Over the years, I have seen two opposing views arise amongst developers. Some developers are of the belief that programming needs to become easier, something that everyone can do and that a lot of ordinary people are doing. Others feel that the barrier to entry is so low that a lot of people are writing code who really should not be.

The middle ground (which I subscribe to) is that the people doing ordinary code work need to have really bulletproof systems so that, if they are sloppy, the damage is contained, and at the same time, the people doing low-level stuff need to get better. While I would love a world in which anyone can modify or create software to their own personal specifications, I think that is a pipe dream. Where do you stand on this? Take this quick poll.