Developer Has Egg On Their Face!

I must admit, the Callisto release of Eclipse has intrigued me, enough to sit on their Web site waiting to download it. For days (probably much longer), the site has had a clock counting down to the moment of release: 6/30/2006 10:00 EST (45 minutes ago). The site has replaced the clock with a "Callisto is coming soon" message. Maybe I am just being silly, but how hard is it to simply post a link, when the thing has supposedly been ready for some time? (update 6/30/06 13:00 EST: the "Calliston is coming soon" message now has added onto it: "no really, we promise." Meanwhile there is already an article linked to on their Web site about how Callisto has shipped on time; I recognize that a few hour slip is nothing, but I just find this thing funny).

What is even funnier, the front page of their site has a link to an article about how Eclipse/Callisto is an example of how large, OSS projects are able to hit deadlines. Whoops!


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