IE7 - so help me, I think I like it

I was wary

of installing the beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 on my

personal laptop, but with the release of Beta 2 I decided to take the plunge

and see if this new browser has more to offer then what is currently available.

I made an target="_blank">image gallery of my initial experience.

To my

surprise, the installation was relatively painless and to my amazement, I

haven't found a Web page yet that will not render. Granted it has only been a

day or so, but I have visited my list usual Web sites and I have no complaints.

In general,

I like the overall look and feel of IE7 and I can see myself adopting it as my

primary browser when it is released. I know that will upset some of you and I

can already hear the cries of security vulnerabilities and impending doom. But,

for the most part, I am not all that worried about my browser security. I don't

surf the Web indiscriminately so the chances for me to stumble across the

nefarious random Web site are rather limited.

Besides, I

don't really like Firefox. I'm not sure why, but Firefox just didn't seem to

match my eye. I would close windows when I meant to expand or minimize them;

things like that. That's not to say that Firefox has something wrong with it; I

just can't get comfortable using it. It is strictly a personal preference.


check out the

target="_blank">image gallery

and let me know what you think of IE7,

especially in comparison to Firefox and Opera. I know many of you are

passionate about your browser choice, so I expect to get some flak, but

remember I have absolutely no passion for my browser. If you want to sway me

toward your browser of choice, stick to the facts.