Oracle Buzz Version 4

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The Oracle Buzz is my take on

the news, trends and topics that have the bloggers blogging in the

world of databases. I concentrate mainly on the Oracle world but I'll

also cover other topics that interest me.

I'm back! As always, I

am looking for feedback. I would like to hear from anyone with an

opinion, good or bad. I apologize in advance for any sound issues. My

skills with sound engineering are completely accidental.


been a while. I've changed the format somewhat. I also tried to keep

the time down. This one runs just about 20 minutes. I talk briefly

about the two links below and then I have an interview with Thomas

Roach, President of the Suncoast Oracle User Group. I finish it up with

a guest who sings us a song.

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Version 4 Topics:

IOUG Releases Latest Oracle Community Survey on Open Source Trends

The extraordinary life of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Interview with Thomas Roach.

Guest Singer.



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