Poll: Are Microsoft's development tools headed in the right direction?

Justin James thinks that much of Microsoft's recent efforts in the way of new development tools, technologies, and languages aren't really what developers need right now. Do you agree?

In the last couple of years, Microsoft has come out with a plethora of new technologies, tools, techniques, languages, paradigms, and frameworks for developers. To see what I mean, compare the .NET stack in version 2 to version 4: Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, F#, Parallel Extensions, Workflow Foundation, Entity Framework, WCF, and others come to mind.

I think a lot of these Microsoft tools and technologies have real, tangible value for your average developer. WCF, for example, is very well done. WPF (and Silverlight) can put together some great UIs. And I think that F# is a step in an interesting (albeit, probably not useful for most folks) direction.

But some of these technologies are either half baked (Entity Framework) or really do not address the fundamental issues that developers face (ASP.NET MVC). So from my perspective, much of Microsoft's recent efforts, while good intentioned, aren't really what developers need right now. What do you think? Please take the poll and shared your thoughts in the discussion.