Poll: Do you think C++ will regain the spotlight?

Let us know whether you predict C++ is primed for a resurgence in market share by taking this one-question poll.

Years ago it seemed like C++ was going to be the big cheese programming language for the foreseeable future. However, not long after C++ started its rise to prominence, the Web came out of nowhere, and C++ was pretty much locked out, and that was followed by .NET, Java, and other technologies.

The release of the next generation of C++ and Microsoft putting attention back on C++ with Windows 8 has some developers saying C++ is primed for a resurgence in market share. I think the C++ ship has sailed; systems are a lot more stable since the days where everyone who wasn't using VB was using C++, and C++ is a difficult language to work in compared to the options. All the same, there are good reasons to use C++, and it is possible the recent events will get more folks using C++.


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