Poll: Does the 'five-screen' future affect your development?

Many Web developers are already facing the challenge of designing for five screens. Do you foresee this being a problem for your development work?

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen recently wrote about how developers are already designing for three "screens" (desktop, mobile, and sometimes TV) and will soon be dealing with two more screens ("tiny" like wristwatches and "huge" such as projectors, "smartboards," and so on). Some developers don't have to worry about these five screens quite yet, but many do, especially Web developers. After all, once your site works in the bulk of Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome cover the market pretty well), it is accessible to a huge number of devices and form factors that you aren't specifically targeting and probably don't have access to test on unless you are a very well-funded shop.

I am not looking forward to dealing with the five-screen future, although good application design plus media-specific CSS helps a lot. Is this issue going to be a problem for your development?