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Poll: Have you ever tried to write a video game?

Have you ever put effort into developing a video game? Let us know by answering this poll question from developer Justin James.

Many of the developers I know grew up wanting to be involved with video games — it's a natural introduction to the world of programming. In the last decade or so, the barriers to entry on writing video games has fallen, thanks to mobile development applications and frameworks and systems such as Flash, XNA, and Silverlight. At the same time, game players' expectations have changed, and a simple Web or mobile game can get just as much traction as a big studio production.

I've dabbled in writing simple quiz-style games, but I don't consider that really trying to write a video game. Have you ever put effort into developing a video game?


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Justin James is an OutSystems MVP, architect, and developer with expertise in SaaS applications and enterprise applications.

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