Poll: How often do technical frustrations delay your development work?

Justin James feels like for every day he spends writing code that he loses two days to technical frustrations. Is this the case in your development work?

For most of my recent development projects at work, I seem to spend more time being stuck on technical frustrations than on actually developing code. By technical frustrations I am referring to when a minor quirk (or outright bug), deficiency, or other technical problem in a system that you depend upon stops you from writing code.

For example, I recently suffered a multi-day delay on a project because Visual Studio was crashing when I tried to open ASPX files; it took a ticket with Microsoft to find out that the problem turned out to be something that no sane person could have known about or predicted (a unique "quirk" in Visual Studio). Likewise, on another project, I've lost days because the firewall is preventing FTP access from the DMZ to the LAN, which is critical to the project. I feel like for every day I spend writing code, I lose two days to these kinds of problems. What about your work?