Poll: What geographic size do you target when writing apps?

When you write applications, can the apps only be used locally, or are they useful globally? Let us know by taking this poll.

Development tools keep getting more options for multi-language and multi-culture support, and computing platforms (particularly mobile platforms) are becoming inexpensive enough that they are less rare even in developing nations. As a result, it is increasingly possible to write applications that are usable across the world. However, writing these applications is still a challenge.

I hate to admit it, but I don't take non-English speaking users into account with most of what I do, and I don't test on devices that are similar to what someone in another country might use (different language, keyboard settings, etc.). In general, I target a North American audience for things that I work on.

What about you? Are your apps local (city or maybe state/province)? Or perhaps they are useful in a larger region? Answer the poll question, and then share your feedback in the discussion.