Poll: What is your development goal for 2011?

Justin James discusses what his biggest development challenges will be this year and asks his fellow developers to share their goal for 2011.

Developers often face the same problems years after year -- sometimes we can make a dent in the issues, sometimes we can't. For example, we are always being asked to "do more with less," and projects often become the dreaded death marches. Career growth is often difficult, because it takes so much energy just to stay current with the basic technology to do your job, let alone step up to the next level.

Fortunately, my list of development problems has managed to get shorter over the years. My biggest challenges for this year will be trying to move to Silverlight and WPF development and Windows Phone 7 development. I'll also attempt to shift to some of the new paradigms used in the Silverlight community where appropriate. What is your goal for 2011?