Programming news: ActivePython, Zend, Mule ESB Community updates

Read about Apple easing its developer tool restrictions, Micro Focus CaliberRDM, HTML5 Boilerplate, a Windows Phone 7 tutorial, and more.

Language/library updates

ActivePython updated

ActiveState has updated its ActivePython implementation of Python. There are additional GUI modules and expanded choices for database connections, as well as increased cryptography capabilities.

Mule ESB 3.0 Community

MuleSoft's Mule ESB Community edition has been updated to version three. Mule ESB is an enterprise service bus designed to help developers make applications that work with and on the cloud, including AJAX integration and REST support. It also has connectors for a variety of providers including AWS, Facebook, and

Tools and products

Micro Focus CaliberRDM to reduce project waste, failures

Micro Focus launched a new tool called CaliberRDM, which is designed to allow users to visualize project requirements. The idea is that by making it easier for stakeholders and others involved in the requirements process to see how proposed features and application flow works, identifying useless features and making other changes can occur sooner in the process and with less effort in the development cycle.

Zend Server updates

Zend updated its Zend Server PHP Web Application Server and Zend Server Cluster Manager products. As part of the updates, both products now support SLES, which is good news for SUSE shops. When I reviewed Zend's application server in May, I found a lot to like.

Editorial and commentary

Apple (finally) eases dev tool restrictions, will release review rules

In a much appreciated move, Apple changed its iOS developer agreement and significantly changed the previously harsh rules on development tool options. Now you can use any tools you want, as long as they do not download executable code, and any interpreted code must either be bundled in the App Store package or downloaded and executed by WebKit.

In another major change, Apple is going to publish its App Store review guidelines.

Kudos to Apple for finally seeing the light on these issues.

Tips and tricks

Getting started with HTML 5

Mashable recently published an article about a page template to get you up and running with HTML 5. The template, called HTML5 Boilerplate, is very well done and easily customizable.

WCF RIA Services QuickStart

If you want to learn how to use WCF RIA Services in Silverlight (the technology formerly known as WCF Data Services), there is a good tutorial on the Silverlight site.

Loading Windows Phone 7 images in the background

David Anson wrote a good tutorial with code that shows how to load images in the background in a Windows Phone 7 app, which will make the app load much quicker. This is the beginning of a series on Windows Phone 7 performance.

Silverlight accessibility

Microsoft's new QuickStart tutorial is on making Silverlight applications accessible to disabled users.

Usability for children

Alertbox has posted a very good article about designing Web sites for use by children. Of particular use is a chart comparing guidelines for adults and children.

Working with the taskbar in WPF

MSDN has a good series of tutorials that show how to work with the taskbar (overlay icons, jump lists, progress meters, and thumbnail buttons) in WPF applications.


JRubyConf 2010

Engine Yard and EdgeCase are teaming up to put on the second annual JRubyConf, which will be held October 1 - 3, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio.

Eclipse Day in Rome

There will be an Eclipse-oriented event in Rome on October 5 called Eclipse Day 2010.

PHP North West in England

The PHP North West conference will be held in the northwest of England on October 9th and 10th.

Eclipse DemoCamps in November

Eclipse is going to have demo camps across the world in November. Most of the exact locations and days still seem to be up in the air.


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