Programming news: Alleged salary fixing, developers' unethical behavior, open source un-contest

Read about the Ajax Control Toolkit update, Mule Studio, iBuildApp, Entity Framework code first and data scaffolding, ZendCon 2011 call for papers, and more.

Editorial and commentary

Apple, Google, and other companies conspired to "fix" salaries
This is one of the biggest tech news stories I've heard about in a long time. Apple, Google, and a number of other companies have been working together to keep developer salaries fair. Do these folks look like a "great employer" still?

Are developers really unethical?
A recent article on Dr. Dobbs suggests that development teams do some really unethical things. However, many of the things dubbed as unethical in the article sound like the standard ploys dev teams use to manage down expectations because management does not allow them legitimate forms of pushing back.

Dilbert goes "above and beyond expectations"
The May 8th Dilbert was quite good.

Language/library updates

Typesafe offers Scala support
A new company called Typesafe just launched. Typesafe is founded by the creators of Scala and Akka, and offers a full Scala stack with commercial support.

ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update brings better HTML5
The new ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update brings a number of improvements to HTML5. Scott Guthrie has the details.

Easier Azure mobile
Microsoft has created Azure SDKs for iOS and Windows Phone 7.

May 2011 update for Ajax Control Toolkit
I thought that the Ajax Control Toolkit (ACT) was going to whither away, but I am proved wrong by a small update to ACT.

Tools and products

ActiveState Stackato delivers enterprise Python, Perl, and Tcl in the cloud
ActiveState released a preview of Stackato, its new enterprise cloud offering that supports a variety of dynamic languages.

MuleSoft's Mule Studio for visual design of ESB
MuleSoft released a beta of Mule Studio, which allows developers to work with their enterprise service bus (ESB) through a GUI design interface.

iBuildApp creates HTML5 applications for mobile platforms
iBuildApp announced a new, Web-based environment for creating HTML5 applications specifically for mobile platforms.

SnapReduce delivers cloud-based Hadoop processing
SnapLogic unveiled its new SnapReduce product, which offers easy-to-use, cloud-based Hadoop processing.

Sauce Scout simplifies manual testing
Sauce Labs introduced a new product called Sauce Scout, which allows testers to run Web-based browser sessions and record them to make it easier to provide feedback to development teams.

Tips and tricks

Introduction to Entity Framework "code first" and "data scaffolding"
Scott Guthrie wrote a basic tutorial on how to use the new "code first" functionality of Entity Framework 4.1 and the data scaffolding features in Visual Studio.

Java Web services with NetBeans
Cameron McKenzie has written a good article about how to get started with Java Web services in NetBeans 7.

Pre-compiling ASP.NET MVC views
Phil Haack wrote a short post worth checking out on how to pre-compile your ASP.NET MVC views.


ZendCon 2011 call for papers is open
The ZendCon 2011 call for papers is accepting submissions until May 20.

BlackBerry DevCon registration open
The BlackBerry DevCon registration is now open. The event will be held October 18 - 20 in San Francisco.

Open source "un-contest"
Joe Stagner is having an "un-contest" for folks to contribute to open source projects in the .NET ecosystem. It looks like O'Reilly is giving free eBooks to participants.