Programming news: Delphi 2010, RAD Studio 2010, mixins in JavaFX 1.2

Read about Rally putting ALM in the cloud, Microsoft enabling ADO.NET Data Services from PHP, and more.

Delphi 2010 and RAD Studio 2010 released, Embarcadero plans an online conference

Embarcadero released Delphi 2010 and RAD Studio 2010 as expected. There are productivity enhancements in this release, as well as a ton of support for gestures, multi-touch, Windows 7, and more. I have a review copy, and I will write about it soon. In addition, Embarcadero is planning an online conference for September 8 - 11, 2009.

Rally puts ALM in the cloud

Rally announced that the latest version of its ALM offering will feature a cloud-based data warehouse. This will give Rally more flexibility and power with reporting, which is a big help for project managers. The other new items in this release (and upcoming releases on the roadmap) are oriented around better project management, performance, and insight into changes.

JavaFX 1.2 gets mixins

JavaFX 1.2 is getting mixins, but hopefully, this will spread to more areas in Java, and the mixin idea will get picked up by the .NET world.

If you aren't familiar with mixins, they're a very nifty idea. Mixins are like a cross between a class and an interface. By adding the mixin to a class, you get pre-built functionality (similar to subclassing), but in a manner in which multiple mixins can be used by a class. Mixins also define a portion of functionality, like an interface.

Microsoft enables ADO.NET Data Services from PHP

Microsoft has released an open source set of tools to help PHP developers access the ADO.NET Data Services. ADO.NET Data Services provides access to the Entity Framework system via RESTful Web services. This project is a sign of how hard Microsoft has been working to increase ADO.NET Data Services' interoperability with PHP.

ATI gets involved with high-performance computing

ATI has released a beta of OpenCL CPU Support, a toolkit for unifying programming between GPUs and CPUs. This is good news for any developers who do the kind of work that can benefit from being processed on a GPU (e.g., cryptography).

A suggestion for fixing the Apple App Store

One developer is pushing the idea that Apple should stop reviewing apps in the App Store, and only review an app after receiving complaints. I don't think that will solve any problems -- it will just lead to an explosion in malware. The simple fact is that Apple painted itself into this corner. Apple built a system that anyone could develop for (in theory) but set themselves up as the gatekeepers to ensure quality.

I'd love to see an alternative, but these are the only paths that make sense from where I sit:

  • Apple "jailbreaks" all iPhones and lets users download whatever they want in a "buyer beware" model.
  • Apple stops allowing third-party developers to sell software for the iPhone, period.
  • Apple raises the bar to becoming an iPhone developer extraordinarily high -- to the point that, to lose the iPhone developer status by releasing malware would be really dumb -- and allows the few remaining developers to release whatever they wanted.
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Gear6's Web Cache is available as a VMware appliance

If you're looking for a Memcached setup, Gear6 is offering its Web Cache software as a VMware appliance. This is a smart move to ease deployment pain.

Excellent introduction to Web development in Lisp

This post by Adam Petersen is a great example of the power of Lisp. It also shows how you can use Lisp for Web development. (Thanks to Chip Camden for the link.)

DHHS hosts an open-source code-a-thon

On August 28, 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) put on a code-a-thon to benefit the National Health Information Network's Connect software. The event was to eliminate bugs. It will be interesting to see if and how the government's attitude towards open source software changes over the next few years.

ZendCon 2009 scheduled for October

ZendCon 2009, the annual Zend/PHP conference, will take place October 19 - 22 in San Jose, CA. This year's event is about performance and scalability.


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