Programming news: Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP, Silverlight 5 Beta, NetBeans 7.0 RC2

Read about the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update, standardization around NoSQL products, third-party payment pages being hacked, and more.

Tools and products

Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP

Adobe and Zend teamed up to offer a new version of Flash Builder. I spoke to folks from Zend and Adobe, and they gave me some great details on the new offering. The big news is that this now allows Flex applications to run on many mobile platforms (Android support in May, followed quickly by BlackBerry Tablet, and iOS). The development and debugging from the mobile app to a PHP backend is smoothed, streamlined, and simplified, and there are very tight integrations between the two. There is also a discount and upgrade pricing, since the package also comes with Zend Studio.

Silverlight 5 Beta

Microsoft announced the first beta of Silverlight 5. The most interesting new item to me is 3D graphics with GPU acceleration.

NetBeans 7.0 RC2

The second release candidate of NetBeans 7.0 is available. This is the version that introduces support for Java 7.

ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update

Phil Haack posted the details of the new ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update that was recently released.

Standing Cloud available through SoftLayer

Standing Cloud's applications as a service (APaaS) offering is now available through SoftLayer's on-demand cloud platform. This gives developers a one-stop shop for cloud deploying of applications.

Microsoft improves tool support for HTML5

S. Somasegar outlined the recent improvements to Microsoft development tools to help programmers work with HTML5. This is a welcome improvement compared to Microsoft's support for Web standards in previous years.

Pair of JetBrains betas

JetBrains has released betas for dotCover 1.1 and dotTrace 4.5.

Editorial and commentary

Microsoft Research seeks to standardize NoSQL

Microsoft Research scientists are calling for standardization around NoSQL products. In addition, they have presented a model for unified access to both SQL and NoSQL data sources.

Tips and tricks

Better application restart/recovery

Yochay Kiriaty explains how to use the restart and recover hooks in Windows to help keep your application from losing data when it crashes.

Third-party payment pages hacked

Researchers at Indiana University have discovered a way to work around the logic when eCommerce sites use third-party payment pages. This hack allows them to trick the sites into thinking payment was made, when it wasn't.


Database-driven app tuning webinar

Embarcadero is holding a free Webinar on April 26 explaining how to tweak database-driven apps for best performance.

Italian phpDay

There will be a phpDay event in Verona on May 12 - 14. This is their eighth annual event.

Dutch PHP Conference

On May 20 - 21, there will be a Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam. The event will be conducted in English.