Programming news: PHP 5.2.13, ASP.NET 4, Drupal 7

Read about Red Gate's Reflector tool, uTest's load testing services, Symbian's need for volunteers, Webinar on REST in RAD Studio and Delphi, and more.


Language/library updates

PHP 5.2.13 released

The PHP team has released PHP 5.2.13, a maintenance release that improves stability and has more than 40 bug fixes, two of which are security patches.

.NET 4 parallelism articles

Reed Copsey Jr. has a series of articles about working with parallel processing in .NET 4 that you may want to check out.

Tools and products

Red Gate Reflector gets upgrade, commercial version

Red Gate's Reflector tool has been upgraded to support .NET 4, and in the process, a Pro version has been released. I like this tool a lot; it's a great way to get insight into code for which you don't have the source, as well as see why your code does what it does on occasion.

Free ASP.NET 4 hosting

DiscountASP.NET has extended its free sandbox .NET 4 hosting offer through mid-April for developers to play with the one-click deployment in .NET 4 and other .NET 4 technologies.

Free icons to represent touch gestures

Adam Kinney reports that there is a set of free icons available for use in wireframes and documentation that represent common multi-touch gestures. This will allow you to rapidly prototype applications and to create quality help for your users.

uTest now offers load testing

uTest (crowdsourced QA vendor) is now offering load testing services. I think uTest is an interesting company with a good value proposition, so I suggest that you check out this new service and see if it makes sense for you.

Drupal 7 progress report

Dries Buytaert has an update on where Drupal 7 stands. To summarize, it looks like a Q2 2010 release is still possible if everyone really pitches in.

Editorial and commentary

Developers to get a 2.1% pay raise?

A Computer Economics article states that developers are on track for a 2.1% pay raise this year. It's not astounding until you consider the current economy. People I have been talking to say that companies are hiring again but are paying poor salaries, trying to lock folks in at "recession prices" and a meager raise is part of that.

Symbian needs volunteers

DZone reports that the Symbian project is in dire need of volunteers to help get a large amount of code that has been released as open source to work.

Tips and tricks

Using 404 pages to find missing children

Scott Hanselman has posted sample code to allow you to make a custom 404 page that shows a list of missing children. This is a good way of using an otherwise mundane item to possibly do something good for society.


Eclipse Foundation at CeBIT

The Eclipse Foundation will have a joint booth at CeBIT for the first time this year. The event is from March 2 - March 6, 2010 in Hanover, Germany.

Dutch PHP Conference in June

The 4th annual Dutch PHP Conference will occur in Amsterdam on June 10 - 12, 2010.

Webinar on REST in RAD Studio and Delphi

Marco Cantù is putting on a number of Webinars about using REST architectures in RAD Studio 2010 and Delphi 2010 on March 3 and March 4, 2010.


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