Programming news: PHP 5.2.16, Zurb Verify, Titanium Desktop 1.1 SDK

Read about EclipseCon 2011, and tips on implementing INotifyPropertyChanged in Silverlight, preventing open redirection attacks in ASP.NET MVC, and more.

Language/library updates

PHP 5.2.16

PHP 5.2.16 was released. It contains a couple of minor bug fixes.

Tools and products

Zurb Verify

Zurb has released a new usability testing tool called Verify. It allows you to see a clickmap of where users are clicking on your page to perform tasks, which is very helpful when doing things like tracking down the cause of poor conversion rates.

Titanium Desktop 1.1 SDK

Appcelerator released version 1.1 of Titanium Desktop SDK, which allows you to use its Titanium development environment to write cross-platform desktop applications.

Tips and tricks

Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged in Silverlight

Pete Brown explores some options for implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged interface in Silverlight to give you compile time checking.

Preventing open redirection attacks in ASP.NET MVC

Jon Galloway posted a tutorial that shows how to stop open redirection attacks from working in ASP.NET MVC applications.

Working with Razor

Scott Guthrie wrote an article showing how to work with code nuggets in the new Razor view engine for ASP.NET MVC 3. He also wrote an article about working with sections without layouts.


EclipseCon 2011 Program

The program for EclipseCon 2011 (March 21 - 24 in Santa Clara, CA) has been released.

Eclipse Mobile Plugin-Fest

There will be an event in Mountain View, CA on February 23 and 24 for Eclipse developers working with plugins to support mobile development in Eclipse.


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