Programming news: Rails 3.0, F# 2.0, Dryad, NuCaptcha

Read about Google App Engine 1.3.6, Visual Studio Lab Management, adaptive software, debugging Silverlight in Firefox, XAML multitargeting, and more.


Language/library updates

Rails 3.0 released

Rails 3.0, which has been brewing for a while now, is finally released, and there are loads of new features and changes. I plan to write an in-depth TechRepublic article about Rails in the near future.

Google App Engine 1.3.6

Google released a new version of its App Engine (now 1.3.6); it includes multi-tenancy support and a number of other nice features.

F# 2.0 for free

If you wanted to try out F#, but you don't want to pay for Visual Studio Profession 2010 (or higher), the F# team has just released a set of free tools for working with it, including an IDE.

Tools and products

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE

Embarcadero Technologies has released the latest version of RAD Studio called RAD Studio XE. I had the chance to talk about the impending release with Mike Rozlog, the Senior Director of Delphi Solutions. There is a lot to like about the latest version. For instance, they exposed more of the features to the command line for integration with third-party tools, and many more third-party tools are brought into the product. In addition, the Delphi for PHP tool has been updated and renamed RAD PHP.

SmartBear AQtime 7.0 Pro

SmartBear released version 7.0 of its AQtime Pro profiling tool. It works with Visual Studio 2010 and Embarcadero RAD Studio XE (the Standard version is bundled in with RAD Studio XE).

NetBeans 6.10 Milestone 1

The first milestone release of NetBeans 6.10 is out, with a bevy of new features and improvements.

Facebook shopping cart roundup

Search Engine Land has put together a good comparison of different Facebook shopping cart solutions.

Dryad heading for commercial release

Microsoft's Dryad project is getting closer to a full release in 2011. Dryad is an interesting distributed computing framework for .NET, and it aims to do for distributed computing what Parallel Extensions has done for parallel processing.

SilkTest 2010 and SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 released

Micro Focus released the latest versions of SilkTest and SilkCentral Test Manager. New features include story-driven tests, and integration with Visual Studio 2010 and Eclipse.

Visual Studio Lab Management released

Microsoft announced that Visual Studio Lab Manager is now available. This tool, which adds on to Visual Studio 2010 Test Professional and Ultimate editions, will allow you to quickly and easily build up and break down testing environments.

Tips and tricks

Debugging Silverlight in Firefox

Tim Heuer has a quick write up on how to do Silverlight debugging in Firefox.

Visual Studio 2010 debugging tips

Scott Guthrie has a very useful piece that shows off how to make debugging easier and more productive in Visual Studio 2010. Many of the tips are applications in older versions of Visual Studio as well, and even some other IDEs.

Interesting CAPTCHA system

There's an interesting CAPTCHA out there called NuCaptcha. It uses a video instead of a picture, and it is much easier for a person to read. (Found via Geeks are Sexy.)

Office 2010 programming help for VB.NET developers

Microsoft has posted a bevy of tutorials, presentations, and more for VB.NET developers to start programming with Office 2010.

Adaptive software takes a baby step

A couple of years ago, I predicted that the next real revolution would be the ability to use mobile devices as desktop and laptop replacements by having docking stations and applications that could adjust on-the-fly to the current capabilities. This is apparently called adaptive software. A project called MUSIC is an interesting proof-of-concept for this idea. I suggest that you keep an eye on this space long-term.

WCF Routing + RIA Services

Yavor Georgiev has written a tutorial showing how to get RIA Services working with WCF Routing.

XAML multitargeting

Pete Brown has posted his example code and presentation showing how to write XAML applications that work in WPF, Silverlight, and WP7.

MSDN ScriptJunkie for Web developers

MSDN has added a new section called ScriptJunkie, which targets developers working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Embarcadero RAD Studio XE Tour The Embarcadero RAD Studio XE Tour kicks off today in Orange County, CA. During the Tour, speakers will show off the latest version of RAD Studio. There are currently 17 events scheduled for Canada and the United States, so check the RAD Studio XE Tour schedule to see if there is an event near you. Eclipse Government, Enterprise events

There will be three days of events in Reston, VA for Eclipse users in October. The first day (October 12) is Eclipse in Government Day, followed by the two-day (October 13 and October 14) Eclipse Enterprise Days.


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