Programming news: Silverlight 5 unveiled, Python 3.2 beta, SOA/Agile survey

Read about Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta, OpenLogic Exchange, MVVM training, CloudBees buying Stax Networks, BlackBerry World 2011, and more.

Language/library updates

PHP updates

PHP 5.3.4 and PHP 5.2.15 have been released. Both updates address a number of bugs and security issues.

Silverlight 5 announced

Microsoft has shown off Silverlight 5. It is not nearly as dramatic an upgrade as previous versions, but Microsoft made it clear that the pace of Silverlight would slow now that it is more mature, so people can count on it being a stable technology.

Python 3.2 gets parallel processing improvements

Python 3.2 is currently in beta. It looks like Python 3.2 is going to get an overhaul on how it works with threads.


The second release candidate of ASP.NET MVC 3 has been released.

Tools and products

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta

There is a public beta of the first Visual Studio 2010 service pack. The improvements are focused on testing, debugging, and deployment.

Appcelerator Titanium Mobile 1.5

Appcelerator has released version 1.5 of its Titanium Mobile development platform. There's a lot in it, including updated Android functionality and compatibility with Android 2.3.

Karmasphere Analyst

The Karmasphere Analyst application is now available. It makes Hadoop data easy to access for BAs and other SQL-oriented workers.

Kalido Data Governance Director

Kalido released its Data Governance Director application to make it easy to enforce data governance throughout your organization.

OpenLogic Exchange

OpenLogic announced its OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) package, which is a SaaS product to help you provision open source applications and keep tabs on where and how you are using them.

Micro Focus Modernization Workbench updated

Micro Focus released version 3.2 of its Modernization Workbench software, which is designed to help companies identify opportunities to save money by updating legacy applications.

Tips and tricks

SOA/Agile survey

AppDynamics released the results of a survey showing the impact of Agile and SOA on the enterprise. The results are interesting. I think some of the questions are worded in a way that leads to slightly different percentages (for example, I don't consider anyone releasing less often than once a month Agile, but the survey does). The survey also kind of lumps Agile and SOA together; SOA usually uses Agile, but Agile does not need SOA. At the same time, the big item that stuck out at me is how few developers say that Agile or SOA is making things easier, and how many say that it is making things harder. I've heard a lot of horror stories from folks at companies who suddenly decide to go Agile, and I think SOA is a dangerous pattern in the wrong hands, so this is not surprising to me.

Solution for circular WP7 navigation

The navigation in Windows Phone 7 drives me nuts as a developer! The Nonlinear Navigation Service helps you work with navigation more easily to remove loops. Of course, if they just stopped trying to shove this navigation paradigm down our throats, we wouldn't need these workarounds.

Standing Cloud Partner Program

Standing Cloud announced a new partner program for developers who work with applications such as WordPress, Drupal, SugarCRM, and more.

WP7 Marketplace changes

Microsoft has made download/payout information for apps available immediately to Windows Phone 7 developers, and payouts will begin in January, not February as originally announced.

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Google Chrome Web App Store

Google has launched a store for web apps: the Chrome Store.

MVVM "In the Box" training

Karl Shifflett has made a training package to teach MVVM that works inside Visual Studio. One of my winter projects will be to go through this training package.

Dynamic generation of WPF/SL controls

Pete Brown has a useful tutorial on how apps can add controls to the UI at runtime.

EF4 training

Here are some free training videos to learn how to work with Entity Framework 4.

CloudBees buys Stax Networks

CloudBees has purchased PaaS provider Stax Networks. They seem to be gearing up to become to Java what Engine Yard is to Ruby.


Eclipse Community Awards for 2011

The Eclipse Organization has nominations for the Eclipse Community Awards open until 1/28/2011.

BlackBerry World 2011

The BlackBerry World conference will be held in Orlando, FL on May 3 - 5, 2011 with registration opening in January. This conference will replace WES.

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