Programming news: Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4, Lunascape 6.1

Read about SQL Server Reporting Services in PHP, 10gen offering MongoDB support, Gosling leaving Oracle, Microsoft Web Camps, and more.


Language/library updates

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 have been released, along with C# 4 and Visual Basic 2010. Here are the highlights of what is going on:

I will provide more in-depth coverage about these releases next week.

SQL Server Reporting Services in PHP

Continuing its support for PHP, Microsoft has released an SDK to work with SQL Server Reporting Services within PHP.

Tools and products

Silverlight 4 release

Microsoft has released Silverlight 4. The tools are currently in Release Candidate status and will be finalized soon.

Micro Focus introduces four new tools for .NET

Micro Focus has released four new tools to work with .NET and Visual Studio 2010:

  • Analyzer Express: Allows developers to understand code better; it's particularly useful for maintenance scenarios.
  • Visual COBOL: Allows developers to write COBOL apps for .NET and migrate COBOL apps to .NET.
  • DevPartner Studio: Ensures code quality and tuning.
  • Silk4Net: Automates regression and functional tests.
10gen offering MongoDB support

If you are looking at alternatives to traditional RDBMSs, but have been leery of the support scenario, 10gen is now offering support for MongoDB. I had a talk with Kyle Banker from 10gen to learn more about MongoDB. It is a document-based system and essentially serializes data in JSON format. This allows it to be language agnostic (unlike some of the object-oriented databases out there) and scale horizontally.

Azure available to more customers

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform is now available in 41 countries.

Lunascape 6.1 released

Lunascape, the browser that supports three engines, just put out version 6.1 with a number of improvements and bug fixes. This is a useful tool, particularly for testing purposes.

Editorial and commentary

Apple's insanity

Apple's iPhone Developer Agreement has been changed to ban apps written in all but a few languages and to ban apps written in cross compiling systems. Even if your app was written in a system that accepts one language and translates the code to one of the acceptable languages, your app is banned. I'll go into more depth about this topic soon.

Rally Software #6 best place to work in United States

Outside magazine listed Rally Software as being the #6 best place in the United States to work. Good to know that not every IT shop is an Initech.

Rally Software buys AgileZen

Speaking of Rally, the company just bought AgileZen, makers of collaboration software based on Kanban.

SpringSource buys RabbitMQ

SpringSource purchased RabbitMQ, which makes messaging queuing software. VMware (which bought SpringSource last year) is silently, slowly becoming the #3 or #4 player in the development scene. Keep an eye on them!

Have large companies been colluding on hiring?

The FTC is looking into whether a number of large companies have been agreeing to not hiring employees away from each other and determining whether to take legal action.

Gosling leaves Oracle

ZDNet blogger Dana Blankenhorn says the way James Gosling departed Oracle will leave a mark.

Twitter developers are upset

ZDNet blogger Tom Foremski talks about Twitter upsetting its developers and the devaluation of apps. While ZDNet blogger Dennis Howlett has this message for Twitter developers: get over it and deliver real apps.

Tips and tricks

Overcoming AJAX's bookmarking and browser history problems

Stephen Walther has written a must-read article about how to write AJAX apps that work with the back/forward buttons and bookmarks.

New ASP.NET syntax for HTML encoding

If you are tired of having to call HTML.Encode in all of your <%= %> blocks in ASP.NET, .NET introduces a new syntax to do this automatically for you, <%: %>. Scott Guthrie has the details about the ASP.NET syntax.

WPF 4 allows caret/selection restyling

This is a case of "why would you ever do this?" but it is still pretty neat: In WPF 4, you can change the appearance of the caret and text selections.

One more reason to improve site speed

Google now uses the speed of your site in its rankings.

Users spend 69% of their time on the left side of the screen

New research shows that 69% of users' time is spent looking at the left side of a screen. In other words, if you put valuable information on the right, expect for it to be ignored!


Bill Inmon's data warehousing Webinar

Bill Inmon is giving a Webinar on April 21, 2010 about data warehousing and how it is changing.

Devscovery 2010 coming to NYC and Redmond

Wintellect is putting on a developer conference called Devscovery in New York City on April 27 - 29 and Redmond on September 14 - 16. The speaker list looks solid, as does the schedule.

Upcoming Microsoft Web Camps

James Senior

is putting on a series of two-day Web Camps to teach folks about the new Microsoft Web development items. The Web Camps will be held in Toronto, Mountain View, Chicago, Redmond, and New York over the next few months. John Papa's blog lists the specific dates for each location. ReMIX Atlanta 2010

If you missed MIX10 and can get to Atlanta, you'll want to try to get to ReMIX Atlanta 2010 on May 8, 2010. It's the same type of content with a much admission fee than MIX10 (the early bird price is $25; after April 27, the price is $35).


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