Programming news: WP7 'Mango' SDK, JetBrains dotPeek, CODESTRONG 2011

Read about Silverlight Integration Pack for Enterprise Library, JavaFX 2.0 Beta, m-Power, TeamCity 6.5 Professional, free Microsoft Press eBooks, and more.

Language/library updates

Silverlight Integration Pack for Enterprise Library

I know a lot of folks like the Microsoft Enterprise Library package, and now Microsoft has created the Silverlight Integration Pack so that you can use it within your Silverlight applications.

BlackBerry 7 Java SDK beta

RIM is letting folks download the beta of its BlackBerry 7 Java SDK.

JavaFX 2.0 Beta

Oracle has released the first beta of JavaFX 2.0. JavaFX is similar to Adobe Flex or Silverlight.

Windows Phone 7 "Mango" SDK

The Windows Phone 7 "Mango" update is coming in the near future, and Microsoft has the beta of the SDK available. The forthcoming update looks great, and if it has the same fit and finish of the Windows Phone 7 original release, than it looks like Windows Phone 7 "Mango" will be as feature-rich as iOS or Android and have a few extra tricks up its sleeve, like SQL CE.

Tools and products

mrc's m-Power seamlessly crosses device types

mrc released an update to its m-Power development tool that allows applications to have a different presentation layer for phones, tablets, and full-sized computers. This way, applications look great on all three platforms with no compromises needed.

JetBrains offers free .NET decompiler

JetBrains is building a free .NET decompiler (hot on Telerik's heels) called dotPeek.

SOASTA cloud testing with two new editions

SOASTA created two new versions of its cloud testing product. The new Enterprise edition is designed for large teams, and the Standard edition is aimed at teams working on internal applications.

NephoScale now allows secure VNC access to cloud servers

NephoScale's cloud server offerings now allow SSH secured VNC access to its Windows and Linux servers, giving developers a secure way of accessing their environments.

Standing Cloud and Nexaweb to provide cloud-based client/server apps

Nexaweb, which makes a platform to turn legacy client/server apps into Java Web apps, has partnered with Standing Cloud's PaaS offering to put these apps in the cloud.

New Relic adds user monitoring to SaaS performance management tool

New Relic is now including user monitoring to its SaaS performance management tool, allowing developers and QA teams to get insight into how real users experience their applications.

Quova now returns JSON

Quova's location awareness APIs now provide results in JSON as well as XML.

Jaspersoft 4.1

Jaspersoft's flagship BI tool has been updated to version 4.1, with a new UI, support for more database backends, and native 64-bit architecture.

TeamCity 6.5 Professional now free

JetBrains is giving away TeamCity 6.5 Professional for free. The catch is that Professional is limited to 20 build configurations.

Editorial and commentary

Lodsys sues iOS devs over in-app payments

Lodsys is asserting that its agreement with Apple allowing them to use in-app payments does not extend to third-party developers. Lodsys is now going bananas suing iOS developers. This is more proof of the need for patent reform in this industry.

Are "extensible, open, and standards-compliant" a red herring?

Embarcadero's Mike Rozlog, whom I respect an awful lot from our phone conversations, has a bombshell of an article on Dr. Dobbs asking if trying to be "extensible, open, and standards-compliant" is a waste of time for most apps. I am in agreement with him that it is, by the way.

The relationship between the 800 lb. gorillas and the cloud

SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos wrote a thought-provoking post looking at how companies like Microsoft, Oracle, etc. with a deep investment in sales channels and license/maintenance revenue streams can react to the demand for the cloud.

Tips and tricks

Logon and account creation code for ASP.NET MVC

Joe Stagner wrote a tutorial on how to make a basic logon/registration system for ASP.NET MVC applications.

Twitter + ASP.NET MVC and Razor

Here's a quick look at how to integrate Twitter into an ASP.NET MVC application using the new Raxor view engine.

Working with gestures on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has a series of videos showing how to develop with gesture support in Windows Phone 7 apps.

How to bin deploy ASP.NET MVC 3 apps

Phil Haack wrote a good tutorial on how to do a binary deployment of ASP.NET MVC applications.

Building cross-platform Web apps

Microsoft's "Project Silk" guidance from the patterns and practices team shows how to make cross-platform Web applications.

Free ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC video training

Pluralsoft has created some free video training for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC.

Free Microsoft Press eBooks

Microsoft Press has a number of free eBooks for download, some of which are useful to developers.


Appcelerator's CODESTRONG 2011

Appcelerator is holding its first developer conference called CODESTRONG 2011 in San Francisco on September 18 - 20. They have early bird pricing for those who sign up quickly.

PHP North West conference

The PHP North West conference will be held from October 7 - 9 in Manchester, UK.