Six free development utilities in my toolbox

Justin James lists his favorite free development tools and asks his fellow developers to tell the TechRepublic community about their must-have free utilities.

While I use a lot of development tools, there are a handful of small, free utilities that have saved my bacon on a number of occasions. My favorite utilities include:

  • Expresso is an excellent regex editor and testing tool.
  • Microsoft Network Monitor (a packet sniffer) and Fiddler (an HTTP debugger) are invaluable for troubleshooting networking and Web development problems.
  • Reflector disassembles .NET code and can even rewrite it in the language of your choice, giving you insight into what's happening under the covers of a library or other compiled code.
  • LINQPad is a handy tool to experiment with LINQ statements and test them outside of a full application.
  • OutSystems Agile Platform Community Edition is a full-fledged development system for creating Web applications.

Each developer has their own list of favorite free tools. What are yours?