The most expensive programming mistake ever?

In this programming news roundup, read about the Ajax Control Toolkit, HTML5 and ASP.NET 4, developers' preference to code on Macs rather than Linux, and more.

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote an excellent piece claiming that the choice of NULL terminated strings for the C language may be the most expensive mistake in the history of programming, and it was only a one-byte mistake at that. I write the TechRepublic Patch Tuesday column every month, and I can tell you that the kinds of issues that NULL terminated strings cause are the biggest cause of security issues for Windows, and therefore cost billions of dollars every year in security violations and lost time patching systems.

Does "social" fit into your mobile apps?

Appcelerator released its latest quarterly mobile developer survey, which has a big focus on "social" and how it fits into mobile apps. I think that mobile apps + social is a great blend. While I'm not that big on social stuff for enterprise scenarios (do you really want your server Tweeting that it's had a failure?), I think it's a good match with mobile devices, which tend to have a lot of consumer features.

Windows Phone 7 has a lot of social capabilities, and it is a great experience. For example, when my daughter was born a couple of months ago, I was able to get details and photos out to my friends and family within minutes of the birth, allowing those who could not be there to still participate.

I'm not sold on Google+ for a number of reasons, and Google's history with its APIs makes me reluctant to recommend integrating apps with them, but an integration with Facebook and Twitter (where appropriate) makes perfect sense for many mobile apps.

Language/library updates

Ajax Control Toolkit

The Ajax Control Toolkit recently got an upgrade, with a number of bug fixes and a new HTML editor component.


Scott Hunter wrote a short piece explaining recent changes to the .NET Framework to enhance its ability to handle HTML5.

Tools and products

AppDynamics releases .NET cloud performance tool

AppDynamics released an application performance management (APM) tool designed for .NET apps in the cloud, including Azure.

CumuLogic betas Java PaaS software

CumuLogic is now offering beta use of its Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software, which allows you to create Java platforms as a cloud service model using a combination of in-house and third-party servers.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Volume 3

Syncfusion's latest update to its Essential Studio Enterprise bundle of .NET components adds a full Excel Editor control, new HTML5 controls, a PDF viewer for Silverlight and WPF, and more.

Japsersoft Self-Service Express

Jaspersoft created a new support offering called Self-Service Express. It bridges the gap between the free, community-provided support and the paid support contracts.

App Hub enhancements

App Hub (the WP7 app marketplace) just got a number of important enhancements, including private distribution (which is critical for enterprises that want to use WP7).

NetBeans 7.0.1

NetBeans 7.0.1 has been released. It looks to be mostly patches and bug fixes compared to 7.0.

BlackBerry App World 3.0 beta

RIM has a beta of its newest version of App World (its online app marketplace) available, with a big overhaul of the UI, social features, and more.

Editorial and commentary

Devs prefer Macs to Linux

Apparently, developers prefer to code on Macs than Linux. This is no surprise to me. Many of the people I know who are seriously working on software for *Nix deployment are working on Macs because they are easier to use and support than Linux and have better application options, while providing an environment with the same capabilities as Linux.

Tips and tricks

ASP.NET MVC 3 on Azure

Mark Berryman of the Visual Web Developer Team Blog wrote an in-depth article about putting ASP.NET MVC 3 applications on Azure.

Using the Razor view engine for text templating

Phil Haack posted a tutorial that shows how to use the Razor view engine from ASP.NET MVC to create text templates.

Building a Tree with lambdas

Chris Eargle has an article series demonstrating the use of lambdas in C# to make a Tree data structure. It's definitely an interesting exercise, and shows one of those situations where a low-level language like C beats the pants off a higher level language like C#.


Eclipse Testing Day

If you want to learn more about testing with Eclipse, there is an event on September 7 in Neuss, Germany, that you should check out.

ConFoo 2012 call for papers

ConFoo 2012 (a large Web development event in Canada) has opened their call for papers. The event is February 29 - March 2 in Montreal, and the call for papers ends September 2.