Top 10 App Builder posts of 2011: Android development dominates

Android development tips, tutorials, and best practices make up the majority of the most-clicked App Builder posts in 2011.

Since launching the App Builder blog in June 2011, our coverage has focused more on Android content than any other mobile platform, so it's no surprise that the most-viewed items in the blog are skewed to that topic. We plan to add contributors to the App Builder blog in 2012, so you can expect to see more varied coverage. Please tell us in the discussion what topics and platforms you'd like to see us focus on next year.

Thanks to our regular contributors to the App Builder blog -- William Francis (Android), Kyle Miller (Android), Justin James (WP7), and Steve Dryall (iOS) -- and to our readers for making this new blog a success.

1: A few thoughts on mobile web vs. rich app

One of the very first questions we face when we begin planning to build an application is whether to do mobile web or rich app development.

2: Best practices for designing Android apps

Developer Kyle Miller shares basic tips that will make your job of designing Android apps easier.

3: Integrate Facebook logins in your Android app

Kyle Miller provides mobile developers with instructions on how to integrate Facebook logins into their Android applications.

4: A few secrets from the mobile app development world

Kyle Miller shares a few tips for gaining popularity for your mobile apps.

5: Implications of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for app developers

Developer Kyle Miller explains why Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has him confused about the future of his current apps.

6: A quick tutorial on coding Android's accelerometer

The accelerometer is a hardware sensor used to detect a shake motion. William Francis shares the accelerometer code that he uses in his Android apps.

7: What I hate about developing for Android (and some workarounds that help)

The open-ended nature of Android development fosters great opportunities, but it also brings its share of headaches. Here are 10 problems you'll face - and some ways to deal with them.

8: Fun with TouchDevelop, an IDE for Windows Phone 7

Find out why Justin James loves the Windows Phone 7 IDE called TouchDevelop. He likes it so much that he's hoping Microsoft Research ports it to Windows 8.

9: Android activist Mark Murphy shares app testing best practices

William Francis interviews Android community activist and author Mark Murphy, who offers developers app testing tips that won't empty their wallets.

10: Don't let Android's pesky menu key hurt your UX

If Android's options menu key is frustrating you, read three tips from developer William Francis on how you can improve your user experience.