What bargains did you find at CompUSA?

Many CompUSA stores had their final sales within the past week or two. Did you go and, if so, what deals did you pick up?

I figure that most of us who write code for a living are probably gadget geeks at heart, so I assume that many of you went to your local CompUSA during its closing days.

Sunday was the final sale at the two stores here in the Nashville area. I'll admit that I went a couple of times over the last few weeks. Most of the stuff I got was early on -- by last weekend, there wasn't much but junk left.

I haven't done my taxes yet, but the store had tons of copies of TaxCut for 60% off the retail price, so I snatched one up. CompUSA was also selling off its office supplies and, amongst the boxes of file folders and time-card punches, I found a nice little solar calculator for 75 cents. It might come in handy when I'm doing my taxes; sometimes a physical calculator is easier to use than the Windows calculator.

I also bought a brand new PS2 for about $90, which is 30% off the retail price. They had a few Xbox 360s with a similar discount, but most games for that system seem to be shooters of one sort or another. I get horribly motion sick playing first-person games, so I'll stick with the old PS2 for now.

The one great find was a Neuros MPEG recorder, which I picked up for $60. It's not the best technology, but it is handy in certain scenarios. For instance, you can plug in your PlayStation to the Neuros and then record a video-game session to MPEG4 format on SD cards. You can also play your DVDs thru the recorder to transfer them into iPod-compatible format. It is like a VCR in that the recording is done real-time; this means that, to transfer a two-hour DVD, you'll have to play the full two hours of the DVD into the Neuros recorder. But for $60, I will definitely use it enough to make it worthwhile. I'd never have bought it at the regular retail price.

What treasures did you pick up from the final days of CompUSA?